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Short-Term Health Insurance

What is Short-Term Health Insurance? An individual and family health insurance policy specifically designed to provide coverage for a set duration of time (i.e., typically from 30 days to 6 months). Most people purchase short-term health insurance after losing group health insurance through an employer, while between jobs, after graduating from school, or any short-term period when an individual wants to maintain health insurance coverage.

getquoteWhy purchase Short-Term Health Insurance? Just like other forms of health insurance individuals buy short-term health insurance to avoid the financial risk of being uninsured. Should someone suddenly be diagnosed with an illness or have an accident, a short-term health insurance policy is designed to provide financial security and help cover the expense.

How do I apply for a Short Term Health Insurance plan? After getting a quote you can follow the process described on the page regarding how to apply for coverage. Keep in mind short-term health insurance plans are not ‘guarantee issue’ and are based on being able to answer a limited number of health questions favorably.

Does buying a Short Term Health Insurance plan affect my getting coverage in the future? When someone loses their group health insurance coverage through a prior employer, they may have the ability to enroll on a HIPAA ‘guarantee issue’ individual health insurance plan assuming COBRA coverage is not available. Applying for and obtaining a short-term individual health insurance plan will hurt your eligibility to enroll in a HIPAA individual plan if you are eligible. If this scenario sounds like your situation, we suggest you call one of our representatives to discuss the best options for you.

How soon can my Short Term Health Insurance plan start? Coverage can begin as soon as the next day if your application is approved by the insurance company.

How long can I keep a Short Term Health Insurance plan? With most short-term health insurance policies, you can purchase a plan for a minimum of 30 days to as long as six months and, in some cases, one year. Some health insurance companies offer short-term health insurance plans that can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

What happens after my Short Term Health Insurance plan expires? With a number of health insurance companies, individuals and families can reapply for a new short-term health insurance plan. Most health insurance companies limit how long you can be enrolled on a short-term health insurance plan.

How do I get a quote for a Short Term Health Insurance plan? 
You can click here for Short-Term Health insurance and get a quote for a variety of deductibles and pricing.