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What types of products or services do you offer? This website is dedicated to the individual and family, senior, business health, dental, and life insurance market.

Does your company offer other insurance products? Yes, Alliant Insurance Services also offers business insurance (workers’ compensation, property and casualty, etc.) for all market segments from small to large businesses. Please contact a representative or visit our corporate web site at

Do you offer competitive pricing? Yes, the prices for the insurance products accessed through this site are set by state laws and no one offers lower rates including going to the insurance company direct.

Can I speak with someone or must everything be done online? The individual and family insurance market is particularly well served when it comes to getting quotes, comparing plans, and applying for coverage online. But, we recognize health, dental and life insurance products can be a complicated and we encourage you to contact one of our representatives.

How do I get a quote for an individual and family health insurance plan? The fastest way is to go to the ‘Start Your Search’ section of this website and input the requested information. If you are experiencing difficulty or need help, contact one of our representatives and we will be able to assist you.

How do I apply for an individual and family health plan? There are three steps involved: 1) Start Your Search, 2) Compare Plans, and 3) Apply Online. You can also fax us your application.

If my individual and family insurance application is approved what will the effective date of coverage? Normally, you can request an effective date from 1 to 60 days in the future. Keep in mind that some applications are processed quicker than others due to the medical history. Applying online is the quickest way to process an application as the information goes directly to the insurance company.

Can I also apply for an individual and family dental plan? With most individual and family health insurance plans, you can request to add dental when applying for the health insurance plan.

How long does it take for my individual family plan application to be reviewed by the insurance company? Processing an application completed online is the quickest and can take as little as 7 to 10 business days. If medical records are needed, the application processing time frame can take longer.

How will a pre-existing condition affect my individual and family health insurance application? In California, a pre-existing condition can cause your application to be declined by the insurance company or rated at a higher premium to adjust for the risk. If your application is approved by a California health insurance company for an individual and family health insurance PPO plan, you may be able to get credit toward any waiting periods for pre-existing waiting conditions. Please review the information in the insurance company brochures typically provided with online quotes. California individual and family HMO health insurance plans do not have pre-existing condition waiting periods if the health of the applicant is satisfactory for approval.

Is a physical exam required for an individual and family health insurance plan? With most California-based health insurance companies, the general answer is no. There are exceptions in certain situations (i.e., a change in the underwriting practice of a particular health insurance company, if someone has been out of the country for an extended period of time, or an applicant is a bit older and has not had a physical in what the insurance company would consider a reasonable period of time).

What if my application for an individual and family health plan is declined by the insurance company? In California, if you are declined for standard individual and family health insurance coverage, you may be eligible for a guaranteed issue individual and family health insurance plan at a higher rate through HIPAA or the Major Risk Pool.

What is HIPAA? HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that was enacted by congress in 1996. HIPAA offers many protections and rights to individuals and their families. One of the main areas of interest is specific rights in regards to health insurance. California individuals and their families may be eligible to qualify for a HIPAA individual ‘guarantee issue’ health plan if they have been covered most recently by an employer-sponsored group health plan, either as an active employee or have exhausted COBRA. HIPAA individual and family health insurance plans cost more than standard individual health plans but may be the best option if your application has been declined by an insurance company. To learn more, please contact one of our representatives.

How would I get a business insurance group health quote for my small business? Online quoting engines for business group health insurance have their limitations. The best way to get business insurance quotes is to complete the fields in the ‘Start Your Search’ section of this website and you will be directed to the area where we will need to collect information about your company and employees. Once we receive your inquiry we will contact your regarding your quotes for your business.

How are the rates determined for business group health insurance plans? For California employers with 2 to 50 employees, health insurance companies must file a standard rate or Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF), which is 1.0. From the Standard RAF, health insurance companies can charge - or + 10% based on the group specific information (i.e., number of employees enrolling, health of the overall group, industry).

Can my group be declined a business group health insurance plan because of pre-existing conditions? California passed AB 1672 in 1992, which states that small business group health insurance (2 to 50 employees) would be considered ‘guarantee issue’ regardless of health, as long as the business can meet certain requirements. To learn more about the requirements contact one of our representatives.

How long will my monthly premiums stay the same for my business group health insurance plan? With most business group health insurance plans, there is a 12-month rate guarantee from the effective date coverage was first issued.

What if I have other questions? Please email us through this website or contact one of our representatives and they will be able to assist you.