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Most of us have purchased insurance to protect the assets we buy, such as an automobile or home. In many cases, a lender will require that the person taking out a loan have an insurance policy in place to protect the asset while the individual is paying off the loan. Just like we purchase insurance to protect the things we buy, individuals should also purchase insurance to make certain they protect themselves and their family members in the event of a financial disaster. In the pages that follow, you will learn a number of ways individuals and businesses can purchase insurance products to protect their financial resources and their health and the health of their loved ones.

Here are some examples of how having insurance can save individuals and families money on common medical services. These examples are based on an individual having health insurance through a California PPO with Anthem Blue Cross and are for illustration purposes only.

New Patient – General Practice / Family Practice routine office visit

  • Estimated Cost Before Insurance $113 to $177
  • Estimated Cost After Discount $70 to $114

Knee Arthroscopy and Repair – Outpatient

  • Estimated Cost Before Insurance $6,328 to $12,342
  • Estimated Cost After Discount $2,518 to $5,062

Vaginal Delivery (delivery of baby through the birth canal)

  • Estimated Cost Before Insurance $8,540 to $12,335
  • Estimated Cost After Discount $3,9465 to $5,699

Hip Replacement

  • Estimated Cost Before Insurance $46,034 to $66, 494
  • Estimated Cost After Discount $15,378 to $22,214

Heart Bypass (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery)

  • Estimated Cost Before Insurance $128,728 to $185,941
  • Estimated Cost After Discount $46,047 to $66,154

    (Note: Cost shown above are not representative of what individuals will necessarily pay and are for illustration purposes only).

Employee benefits products (health, dental, life and disability insurance) are available in many different forms and ways of delivery. In general, the employee benefits business can be segmented in two distinct markets: 1) individual products and 2) group products.

Individual Products – Insurance plans purchased directly by the consumer through the assistance of an agent, broker, or insurance company. Many people do not have access to employer-sponsored group insurance products (health, dental, and life insurance) and therefore must seek their own coverage in the open market. An example of workers who typically do not have employer-sponsored group insurance plans would be those working as independent contractors (i.e., consultants, real estate agents, sales representatives, hair stylists, etc.).

Group Products – Insurance plans made available to employees through their employer. Group insurance products typically require an employer contribution that subsidizes the coverage for employees and a a participation requirement that a certain percentage of employees must enroll in the plan.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both individual and group insurance products which are explained in more detail in the sections that follow. At Alliant Insurance Services, we are focused on bringing you high-quality insurance solutions to meet your family or business health insurance needs at the most cost-efficient prices available.

Please review the information in the pages that follow and let us know if we can assist you. You can log onto this website for certain individual insurance quotes, fill out a brief form requesting others, or call one of our representatives to discuss your situation.