Alliant Health Insurance

People purchase California individual health insurance to protect themselves and their families from financial uncertainty. In today’s economy it is imperative that we all maintain affordable and comprehensive health insurance in the event of an unexpected illness or accident.

A number of health insurance companies are doing their part to continue to develop affordable solutions to cover more Californians. There are a variety of options available, but the two main types of individual health insurance plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). With Anthem Blue Cross, California-based individuals and families have access to a broad choice of affordable plans and options:

Here are some of the more popular Anthem Blue Cross individual health insurance plans:

Lumenous Individual Health Plans – Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible individual health insurance PPO plans that offer solid coverage at an affordable price and provide the ability to fund a separate savings account that can be used for eligible medical expenses or to supplement a future retirement.

PPO Share Plans – Comprehensive individual health insurance PPO plans that include doctor visit co-pays, annual preventative care, prescription drug, and maternity coverage.

Smart Sense – A lower priced individual health insurance PPO plan that offers what most consumers want at very affordable monthly rates. Choose between four deductibles, get up to three office visits a year with a co-pay, and select between two prescription drug options. Smart Sense plans do not include maternity benefits.

Right Plan 40 – An individual health insurance PPO plan without a deductible and office visit co-pays of $40. Choose between three prescription drug options. Right Plans do not include maternity benefits.

Tonik Plans – Are individual health insurance PPO plans designed for the younger crowd and offer quality benefits at lower monthly rates. Tonik Plans do not include maternity.


What is an HMO?
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What is a PPO?
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What are HSA-compatible health plans?
Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible health plans are high-deductible PPO health plans (HDHP) designed to be set up in conjunction with a Health Saving Account (HSA)...
What is COBRA?
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