Alliant Health Insurance

Employers often provide business health insurance to help attract and retain good employees. Unlike individual and family health insurance plans, business health insurance is a group product sponsored by the employer. Next to compensation, business health insurance is typically one of the most desired benefits from an employee’s standpoint. With medical costs continuing to rise, more employers are struggling to continue providing comprehensive health insurance for their employees.

There are a number of benefits enjoyed by both the employer and employee with business health insurance:

For Employers
Business health insurance supports employers in two ways. In addition to attracting and retaining good employees, the premiums paid by the employer are generally tax deductible as a business expense. If presented correctly, business health insurance should be perceived as part of the overall compensation package provided by the employer. Last, providing business health insurance encourages a healthier work force which may help reduce employee absenteeism.
For Employees
Employees can generally enroll in business health insurance when eligible, without being declined due to their health status or the health status of their dependents. Many employers allow employees to pay their portion of the monthly premium pretax, reducing the taxable income of the employee. Business group health insurance supplies employees with peace of mind that they are financially protected from a catastrophic, accident, or illness.

Business health insurance is normally divided into two market segments: 

Small business health insurance
Group health insurance plans designed for smaller employers with 2 to 50 employees. In California (and most states), an employee’s coverage is generally ‘guarantee issue’ regardless of the health of the group, as long as it is a bona fide business and the employees are working full-time. Depending on the state, monthly rates can vary based on an employer group’s demographics (i.e., the industry, number of employees, ages of employees, and overall health of the employees and dependents).
Large business health insurance
Group health insurance plans designed for larger employers with 51+ employees. In California (and most states) the coverage is normally not available on a ‘guarantee issue’ basis like small businesses, and insurance companies reserve the right to decline to offer a health plan to a larger business based on a number of factors (i.e., health status of the employees or dependents in the employer group, the number of times the employer has changed health insurance companies within the last five years, or the number of COBRA participants in an employer group).